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Car Repairs Loan


Many of our members who borrow with us have been happy to refinance thier loans to keep a single payment, but what if you prefer to keep things separate and pay your loans over different repayment times - well now you can.

Our 5 most popular reasons for borrowing are now all available as stand alone loan products.

Car Repairs Loan

Most of us rely on our cars whether it's getting to work, getting home at unsociable hours or just getting the kids to school on time life becomes more difficult when the car stops working. So with a car repairs loan from Scottish Police Credit Union we can have you back on easy street in no time at all.


Features & Benefits

  • available to all members after 1st regular deposit
  • borrow any amount up to £3000
  • repay between 6 and 36 months
  • can be refinanced for further repairs up to the limit of £3000
  • free loan protection insurance (T & C's Apply)
  • free payment waiver protection insurance (T & C's Apply)
  • no set up fees or early repaymemt penalties
  • guaranteed loan interest rates not representative rates (click here for up to date rates)
  • can be paid to you or a third party
  • eligible for the interest rate discount scheme


If not already used on another existing credit union loan you may be able to utilise your savings balance in your membership account and qulify for a discount on our standard rates. Simple to understand, the hiigher the percentage of your savings you can secure against your loan the higher the discount available. This can mean a fantastice 2% reduction if you can fully secure your loan.

Pleaser note that savings held in your membership account are secured against your total outstanding loan balances and access to them is restricted while your total loan balance is higher than your savings. This helps mitigate any potential losses should you find yourself unable to make your loan repayments and protects the wider membership.