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Loans for Members

Lets have a private chat re your needs  - 'Personal Time'

Money is a private matter so we want to spend time with you and focus on you and your needs. This allows us to really help you without any interuptions. So book a time and date with us that suits your life laughing

You are the most important person to us so call us to arrange a personal time slot. Either meet in our office or arrange a time slot for a secure video call anywhere in the country or arrange a call back via telephone. It's guaranteed personal time for you and your circumstances and prevents interuptions wink. Just call 0141 771 1314.


We do loans from £250 to £25,000

Upon receipt of your first savings deposit, you can immediately apply for a loan for whatever value you need. It does not matter how long you have been a member or how much savings you have. Just give our expert staff a call and chat it over with them....they're here to help and will make sure it's affordable for you.


New Member ? You already have an approved loan as a valued new member cool*

Remember, as a valued new member, you are authorised for an instant £250 "Welcome Loan" to help you on your way. And we can get it into your account within 24 hours - now thats quick cash ! Ask about our new member welcome loan and grab it while you can ! 

And it doesn't stop there.......Are you a 'new recruit' to Policing in Scotland ?

If you are a new Police Officer or Staff Member, then we also offer an interest free £150 "New Recruit Loan" to help with the expense of joining a demanding new job. It's our way of helping with the initial demands that are placed on you. 

Both loans are repaid over 6 months so it's gentle on your paypacket too. Just join and apply wink

 *once appropriate finance checks are completed and the membership is accepted

Discounted Loans for our Savers

We offer a discounted rate to our savers if they leave their savings and borrow instead check here to see if you qualify for a discount on your loan rate or call us on 0141 771 1314 and see what personal discounts are available for you - its good to talk.


Trust and Honesty

We pride ourselves on being an ethical lender and that includes the rates we advertise. Unlike some financial establishments, YOUR Credit Union does not use misleading representative rates.

At your Credit Union we won't quote you a low headline rate only to offer you a higher rate on application, it's just not our style. Trust and honesty are important to us so the rate you see is what you get unless of course its a discounted one, which will be even better.


And for those 'bigger loans'

If you are looking for a bigger loan of £10,000 or more, then we'll give you up to 10 years to repay it.......not many others provide this service. Just call and ask about this. 


And Remember we have your back.....

Your savings are safe as they are covered by the FCA compensation scheme (up to £85,000). We also provide 'payment waiver cover' and 'life assurance cover' at no cost to our members.

So if the worst things happen.....we've got you and your family covered. That should give some peace of mind.