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Lets get Active this Autumn !





Life is expensive and the last part of each year is the most expensive and demanding for us all.

Are you thinking about the October school holidays and recharging your batteries on a sunny beach or does your old car need that upgrade to cope with the bad weather to come ?

More importantly, the big event in December approaches fast and the considerable strain on normal household budgets !!!

Planning for 'the 25th' has to start early, so lean on us to help you out with all that expense. 

Whatever you need, for whatever reason, we can help - we've got your back. Call us for a friendly chat and we'll discuss the options to assist your life :) 


Be prepared for winter like Mr Squirrel......don't walk a financial tightrope


Debt consolodation is one of our most popular loans and it can free up the £'s to help your monthly household budgets with all the autumn and winter demands. If done properly, it is good financial planning.

So why not get on your bike and be like Mr Squirrel. He's on that tightrope but you don't need to be. Just give us a call and have a friendly chat with our team. We want the best for you and there will be no hard sell and no impact on your credit rating. 


Now's the time to plan - don't put it off until it's an emergency !!!



Money problems don't vanish, so don't stick your head in the sand - let us take them 'head on' and make your life a little easier. We deal with emergencies in our day jobs so we want a quieter life when we are away from it.

Whether you are borrowing from YOUR Credit Union for the first time, or taking a new loan, or just looking for a wee top up......our 'Loans team' are ready and waiting to hear from you, so give them a call on 0141 771 1314 (option 1) and let them chat you through your loan options for all your life plans.


And remember our rates are not "representative rates" designed to grab your attention......and they may fail to deliver their promise !!!

Our rates ARE GUARANTEED....so the rate you see is the rate you get - very honest and fair.

However, you may qualify for a discounted rate too, due to your savings. Thats even better ! 


Lets get organised.....it just takes one simple phonecall OR why not apply via the web laughing