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Our Saverplus Account can help you save for special events or smaller purchases and it is an ideal way to save for Christmas.

You can save from as little as £10 to as much as £200 per month/4 weeks. You are also permitted to deposit a lump sum up to the value of £200 in any 12 month period.

Please note however you cannot exceed the maximum savings limits as set out in the table below.

Example - If you wish to save £150 to your membership account and have less than 2 years membership you would only be able to save a maximum of £100 to your Saverplus Account to stay within the maximum total deposit limit.

Maximum monthly/ 4 weekly deposit

First 2 years of membership                  £250.00
Between 2 and 3 years £350.00
Between 3 and 4 years £500.00
Between 4 and 5 years £750.00
Over 5 years £1000.00

Access to your Saverplus Account is restricted to 4 withdrawals in any 12 month period. However unlike the membership account, access is not restricted by outstanding Credit Union borrowing, unless any loan accounts are in default.

A dividend may be paid on the Saverplus Account but is not guaranteed and accounts must be open on the date of the Annual General Meeting to receive any dividend due. Dividends are paid gross of tax and any tax responsibility lies with the individual member.

Saverplus Accounts are only available to membership account holders however new members can open a Saverplus Account at the same time as opening a membership account.

Applying for a Saverplus Account?

If you would like to open a Saverplus account, you can download an application by selecting the appropriate form below.

Alternatively contact us on 0141 771 1314 or email info@scottishpolicecu.co.uk  to request an application form. 


Financial Services Compensation Scheme

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects all eligible deposits with the Credit Union up to a total of £75,000 per individual and ensures that should Scottish Police Credit Union be unable to meet its financial obligations your savings are protected.

It is important that before applying for a SaverPlus Account you understand what this means for you. An information booklet is available for you to read here and a summary and exclusions list is provided below.